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Email Marketing

"The Money is in the list"

This phrase has been prominently quoted and repeated by every single successful Internet Marketer in the world.

And it's really true If you're not building your prospect or customer list, then you're building someone else's list.

Having your own list of targeted potential customers is an absolute essential part of your success. It will not only provide you with a direct line of communication with potential customers and enable you to promote your products or services, but it will also build your credibility.

Publishing an ezine is a great way to build your mailing list.

If you don't have time to create one, you can use the free ebooks that you can download from this website as incentives to get visitors to subscribe to your newletter or ezine.


The old rule of thumb was, it takes 7 to 10 contacts with a prospect before they will make a purchase. Before the web, these contacts were done via advertising, mailing and follow-up phone calls. All very expensive and time-consuming. But nowadays, we have it easy... you only need an Autoresponder.

You just load a series of pre-written messages into the system and the Autoresponder will automatically personalize them and send them out at pre-determined times.

The secret behind the power of Autoresponders is their ability to build a personal, one-on-one relationship with each and every person who joins your list.

By setting up an autoresponder and following up with your potential customers, you can completely automate a portion of your marketing efforts.

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